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DPC Access, how does it work?
Seeing your doctor has never been easier.
  • Most DPC practices are open during regular business hours.

  • Patients can get same day appointments when needed.

  • Patients can call their doctor on their cell phone after hours.

  • Patients can text their doctor anytime.

  • Patients can email their doctor anytime.

  • Patients can do a video visit with their doctor.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is not a new concept. It is the way primary care medicine was practiced in the old days before insurance companies stepped in and took control of health care at the primary care level.

Imagine you paid for car insurance that covered oil changes and wiper blades and other maintenance. That sounds absurd, and will be very expensive. That concept is what is currently built into health insurance.

DPC doctors do not take any insurance. They charge a flat monthly fee as a membership to their patients. This fee covers all services provided by the primary care doctor to their patients. No copays or coinsurance. Pricing is transparent and on the DPC practice's website.

DPC doctors have smaller patient panels, allowing them to spend more time with patients and provide a better quality of care.

Having an insurance company between a doctor and a patient is not in the patient nor the doctor's best interest and has poor health outcomes.

DPC Advantages:

Testimonial from a DPC patient:

"I love Direct Primary Care! My whole family uses it. It helped us become better consumers of our health care. We love the access to our doctors by phone, text and email. Our office visits are long so we can talk and address all our concerns. It's nice to have a doctor that has enough time for me and the family. We don't use our health insurance for anything on the primary care level anymore, which enables us to have a high deductible plan that has lower premiums. It saves us a lot of money each year. Direct Primary Care is the deal of the century and I highly recommend it to people who are tired of not getting the access they need in today's busy world!" - Mary T.

  • Great relationship with your doctor

  • Easy Access

  • Lower cost labs and Rx

  • Full price transparency: No copays or billing, most services are included in monthly membership

  • Your DPC doctor is your advocate when you are engaged in the healthcare system

  • Better health outcomes through better access to physicians

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures 

  • Fewer ER and Urgent Care visits

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